You’ve known for some time that the way we go about scheduling appointments is broken.

Perhaps we should talk?


It will be the best cold call you’ve ever made. I promise.

System Design

Help has arrived! Frustrated that your people aren’t setting enough appointments? Maybe it’s not them. Maybe it’s your system that needs to improve.


I’m on a mission to change the way we go about scheduling appointments that benefits everyone involved, including the gatekeeper. Interested?


Unable to find a training program that combines the benefits of one-on-one coaching and the advantages of small group learning? Or one that doesn’t make you feel like an icky salesperson?

Script writing

Are you ripping your hair out trying to find a clear, concise and compelling way to talk about your true value?

Jennifer Hasan

After setting appointments for close to 20 years, I’m convinced that the process is broken. People hate to get cold calls. People hate to make cold calls. Even people who make cold calls hate getting cold calls.

I’m on a mission to change how we go about setting appointments that benefits everyone involved, even the gatekeeper.

Schedule an appointment or give me a call at 845-831-2831.

It will be the best cold call you ever made.

Professional photo of Jennifer Hasan


Jenn is a team player that well knows both the sales and marketing side of a business. Her input was critical for a number of marketing initiatives and she was able to on-board new employees quickly. Jenn has that rare capacity to see things as a prospect may see things and the ability to adjust the conversation as needed. Her phone demeanor exemplifies fearlessness, charm, and grit.

Annette Grotz

We had Jenn come in and train our team of Salespeople and the experience was great. The team was able to get hands-on advice on cold and warm calling that was immediately actionable. By the end of the training, they had their own customized scripts and we’re seeing dramatic results from prospecting sessions.

Mark Boyland
Keller Williams

Jennifer is the most skilled caller I’ve ever worked with. Her ability to not only generate leads but also to contract new business is incredible. I was always impressed by her ability to understand customers’ needs and work with them to create a solution. She will add value to any organization she works with!

Nick McCormick