About Us

Professional photo of Jennifer Hasan

I’m on a mission to change how we go about setting appointments that benefits everyone involved, even the gatekeeper. I help B2B companies schedule more qualified appointments by building a customized prospecting process that is perfectly executed and accurately measured.

When I started cold calling I wasn’t skilled at it. I thought it would be easy and I will never forget the first call I made and what a disaster it was.

The first call I made was to a company in California that sells seeds. I was told to call them and list all the things that were wrong with their website and tell them how we could fix it.

Being new to the company, I did just as I was told and completely offended the person on the phone with me.

It turned out the website had just been redesigned and he loved it so me telling him how horrible it was did not turn out well.

I decided right then and there I was not making another phone call until I learned how to do it. I went to a cold calling consultant and learned what I needed to know. I learned at that time all the things we are told to do as a group that are completely wrong and didn’t get the message across.

After being in that side of the business for a while and learning all I that I did (and seeing the better way to go about this) I started Prospecting Works.

My goal was to teach managers all the various things that need to be considered and addressed in order for all the elements to align and to have an extremely effective and efficient system in place.

I want to change the way businesses go about using the telephone to set appointments and I want to help people learn how to do this so they can be successful.

I also really want to change and rebrand the world of cold calling.  It has so many negative connotations associated with it, but it doesn’t have to. It really can be all about relationship building and serving the person on the other end of the line.

I only want to see people making these calls that are in integrity, being authentic, and truly love what they do and believe in it.

While I have spent a lot of my life in corporate America working for a big advertising firm and a marketing consulting firm, I am also a woodturner. Check me out on Etsy. My store is Rooster Studios.