Script Writing

Are you ripping your hair out trying to find a clear, concise and compelling way to talk about your true value with prospects?

If you do a quick Google search, you’ll get lots of returns that promise gold.

  • How to Write the Best Cold Calling Script to get a meeting
  • The Only Cold-Calling Script You’ll Ever Need
  • 3 Proven Cold Calling Script Introductions that Close New Business

There are also dozens of books you can buy filled to the brim with generic scripts.

But unless you have experience setting appointments for lots of different types of companies, as I do, you will struggle.

The reason is that those generic scripts are just that.  Generic.

They don’t have the heart that you need to have when you are talking to people.  They don’t show that you understand where the prospect is coming from and truly feel you can help them.

My many years of experience in a wide variety of industries is how I know that I can help you to create an effective cold calling script that will actually get you return on investment.  I can ensure that your script piques a prospect’s interest immediately so you have time to start to build that relationship and close that deal.

You can stop getting interrupted, stop feeling like you are bothering the person and start to really feel like you are providing a service that can help them solve their problem quickly and efficiently.

Imagine ending a call where a prospect thanks you for calling them and genuinely means it.  Imagine leaving that call knowing that you clearly communicated how you can help that person and being confident that you will be able to build a relationship and if they are not already a customer by the end of the call that they will be soon.

Let me use my expertise and talent to help you succeed in this area.  I want to see you enjoy the process of cold calling and really see the benefits to it as well.