When you look at the results of your sales team are you finding that they are not meeting quota but there is no real reason you can see as to why that is happening?

Do you lack a system for tracking calls and follow up which is leaving opportunities and money on the table?

Maybe your messaging is not consistent or compelling, you are not sure what skill sets your team has so you are not using them in the correct way which leaves you always feeling the need to micro-manage.

All of these issues are affecting your performance reviews, salary, growth and you really need someone that can train your team across the board in all these areas so they can be proud of what they do and you can be confident that the results will change.

That’s where I come in.

I’m on a mission to change the way we go about scheduling appointments that benefits everyone involved, including the gatekeeper.

I have found over the many years I have been in this industry that there are a lot of people cold calling that are being irresponsible which gives the rest of us a bad name and results in executives not wanting to take any calls…no matter how legit they are.

Are you ready to change the system?  Are you ready for more people to be educated in how to make cold calls the right way?

I can help.

I speak and train on a number of cold calling topics and I strongly believe that when people are spending time thinking about who they are calling, strategizing around the result they want from the call and developing a highly targeted list of contacts to reach out to, they would spend less time calling people and have better results in the end.

Are you ready for your sales team to be a part of the highly educated and effective cold callers out there?  By teaching them my unique approach, they will walk away knowing how to identify the value that they bring and they will be confident reaching out to people because they will have the proper mindset around the service they are providing.

Topics I speak on include:

  • Shifting your mindset around cold calling
  • How to get past call reluctance and show the true service you provide
  • Fixing a broken system for effective results
  • Getting executives to be a part of the solution
  • Cold Calling Training – How to do it effectively and with confidence