System Design

There is nothing that I hate more than inefficiency, and it’s everywhere in most appointment setting processes. Why? Because the people who design outbound calling systems are often people who don’t make calls themselves.

When you lack a proper process for your cold calling, and your team has not been trained in the skillsets they need to do the work, you will end up not meeting your goals and also having a revolving door with your team because they will quickly leave when they realize they don’t enjoy what they are doing.

I can help you get that system set up and working as it should so your team starts bringing in results like never before, being proud of their work and helping the business grow exponentially.

I have been involved in the cold calling industry for almost 20 years now so I have seen a lot.  I know the protocols that are inefficient, I know the wrong messaging when I see it, I know when the wrong technology is being used.

Due to all of this experience, I created a process that works and share it with clients every day.

My process addresses all the aspects of appointment setting and I improve what isn’t working by coming at it from the setter’s perspective.

I help companies figure out what product or service they should be focusing the calls on, how to communicate it in a clear, compelling and concise way about the product or service so that the messaging whether on the call, in voicemail or in email is effective and I work with them on the actual delivery of that message.

When everything is aligned, you will see changes in your team’s outlook as well. They will be motivated to work hard and they will look forward to success.

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