I have trained over 300 sales professionals, personally worked for two appointment setting trainers, and delivered their programs to their students, and developed my own approach to training as well.

The unique experience I have allowed me to design a program that fills in the gaps that were missing in other programs.

I ask questions when I am training about the emotions associated with cold calling, I write the scripts that will be effective, I implement Contact Science software and I roll play with the team to get the delivery and message correct.

I work in small groups of no more than five people and I spend a lot of time with them teaching the delivery which is a big aspect that is missing from other programs.

I also spend a lot of time working with people on mindset. That is a huge reason they have success. When they have the right mindset they can speak with confidence and be authentic. They can easily overcome objections because they passionately believe in what they are offering.

When I write scripts it is always in my client’s voice with words that are familiar to them. We discuss pain points of their prospect so that the scripts reflect those and we talk about time management so they know how to keep track of calls, how many times they have reached out, and left voicemails or sent an email. I go over the whole system with them.

What makes me different is that I know what is needed as an appointment setter because I have done the job successfully. In fact, I still set appointments for select clients.

I have been told that training with me is like learning the process from the inside out because we start with mindset and move to messaging and delivery.

After working with me, teams have a better understanding of call reluctance as well as the tools to get past it, they have a consistent message they can provide with confidence, there is a system in place to assess performance as well as stop missing opportunities and have a seamless and successful onboarding for new team.

They received customized training so they are confident in their calls, can meet sales goals, stop feeling like they are being micro-managed and get bonuses and promotions based on their performance.

Now that we are in an unprecedented state with COVID-19 I work even more on helping people to believe in themselves and their company.  I teach them to find the people who truly need their help and then reach out with a clear, concise, and compelling message to easily double and triple the amount of appointments they schedule in a pleasant and efficient way.