Jennifer helps deliver our online appointment setting academies. She has proven herself to be hardworking, energetic, and insightful, particularly in our role-play sessions and in her individual coaching sessions. Her students have greatly improved their techniques after working with Jennifer which inevitably leads to bigger paychecks. If you’re considering working with Jennifer, you’re on the right path.

Barry Caponi
Caponi Performance Group

Working with you has been a great experience. Because of your insights and dedication to me as a client, I now have a reliable formula for telephone prospecting. Before working with you my prospecting was scattered and unorganized, but after several one-to-one sessions, we developed a custom formula. It is consistent, measurable, and specifically targeted to clients I want to work with. In three months I exceeded the dial-to-conversation industry ratio by 60%. Your canny ability to get to the heart of deep-rooted issues that create self-limiting beliefs and therefore behaviors is impressive.

Brian Marblestone
ABD Insurance & Financial Services

Jennifer developed an outbound calling program for my GPS Tracking Company that tripled my outbound proposals. I highly recommend Jennifer for any B2B programs you may have.

Robert Glemming
Tracking Systems

Jennifer ignited our appointment setting capabilities. Her expertise and positive attitude inspired confidence in our callers. She was hired because we weren’t sure what success looked like for telephone appointment setters. She clearly defined success for us and equipped us with tools to be more effective. Not only have our dials increased but the results are much better. Without any increase in staffing, we are getting more appointments than ever. And, she is a delightful person with whom to work. Highly recommended!

Phil Kenealy

Prospecting Works helped me by giving me faith and confidence in myself and my skills in my new position. Jennifer helped bring me from an extremely new employee in not just the sales/cold calling world but also in the business world. She constantly reminded me to not back down from anything as well as to not get in my own way as I continued to grow and learn this new skill. I credit her style and genuine thoughtfulness and care for the people she works with, to a lot of my recent success in this position.

I would recommend Prospecting Works to people who need the proper confidence to make cold calls. Jennifer is full of brilliant ideas for ways to really take a company’s cold-calling mission to the next level. Whether it’s her tips and tricks for writing excellent and on-point call scripts, or the faith she had in me, as well as I’m sure all of her other clients.

Being brand new to this industry and the workforce in general, I credit a lot of my newfound confidence to Jennifer.

Matt Mosher
TAG Solutions

Jennifer is the most skilled caller I’ve ever worked with. Her ability to not only generate leads but also to contract new business is incredible. I was always impressed by her ability to understand customers’ needs and work with them to create a solution. She will add value to any organization she works with!

Nick McCormick

We had Jenn come in and train our team of Salespeople and the experience was great. The team was able to get hands-on advice on cold and warm calling that was immediately actionable. By the end of the training, they had their own customized scripts and we’re seeing dramatic results from prospecting sessions.

Mark Boyland
Keller Williams

I thoroughly enjoyed working with Jennifer. She taught me about all the reasons why people are afraid to pick up the phone and make a cold call and how to overcome it. She is fun and supportive, and non-judgmental. Her passion for cold calling is infectious and she really knows her stuff. With Jennifer’s direction, I approached cold calling as an authentic offer to help people, which eliminated my fear and made cold calling fun, profitable, and rewarding. She was invaluable.

Jeanne DeWitt
CPU Technologies

Jenn is a team player that well knows both the sales and marketing side of a business. Her input was critical for a number of marketing initiatives and she was able to on-board new employees quickly. Jenn has that rare capacity to see things as a prospect may see things and the ability to adjust the conversation as needed. Her phone demeanor exemplifies fearlessness, charm, and grit.

Annette Grotz

Jennifer was great to work with for my prospecting outreach project. She took time to understand my business and the value I offered my clients, forced me to delve deep into client case study results that would connect with the prospects we were targeting, then crafted the ideal message that cut to the chase and got people to listen. Jennifer also has a tremendous approach and style to actually making the calls, which she is excellent at transferring to her coaching clients so they can get better results than ever from their efforts.

Skip Weisman
Enabling Accountable Cultures

I heard Jennifer present for Contact Science and I just knew I had to work with her to sharpen my skills at scriptwriting. Her effortless, easy, and charming style drew me into her as I come from a place of wanting to help people in the same friendly and energetic manner. Before working with Jennifer, there was an issue in getting appointments scheduled and with the correct decision-makers. After working with Jennifer in four hands-on sessions, I learned how to develop a conversation with the type of clients our firm would like to work with. The three major areas of improvement were the number of appointments scheduled, productivity gains on the number of calls made, and how to develop value statements that are unique to what people need from a comprehensive technology firm. If anyone questions the value of their current coaching program or is in search of one, please call/email/text me. I’ll be happy to talk to them about my experience with Jennifer.

Elizabeth Murphy
OmegaCor Technologies

Working with Jennifer gave me the confidence and the road map to cold calling success. Before working with Jennifer, I was uncomfortable making cold calls, and after, I was confident, focused, and successful. In my first year, I exceeded my income target by 15%.

Bemen Carlson
Young & Associates

I’ve had the good fortune to be trained by Jennifer in the art of cold calling. Jennifer’s enthusiasm, positive energy, and concrete tactics that get results are tremendous! I have spoken with Jennifer at length about sales and coaching others to be successful. It’s obvious from the very start that she is great to work with and highly recommend Jennifer.

Tom Lemmy
Ethan Allen Workforce Solutions

Prospecting Works helped me overcome my cold calling fears! As a result of working with Jenn, I now set appointments on a regular basis. One thing I liked was Jenn’s consistent support and accountability. I would recommend Prospecting Works to people who are hesitant or fear cold calling. Jenn is great!

Shane Silk
PSA Financial